The company Oltredonna S.r.l. has been operating since 1977 manufacturing bags for men and women.

Founded by the spouses Mr. Nicolino Verdecchia and Ms. Derna Verdecchia, in 2005 the business has further expanded to welcome their daughters Federica and Paola too. The Verdecchia family has always managed the company in a pyramid structure with the help of 50 internal employees and about 150 employees employed by the 20 companies to which part of the production is outsourced.

Oltredonna Italian partner in the production of women's handbags
Oltredonna Italian partner in the production of women's handbags

Tolling Agreement

The “Tolling agreement” is used to produce bags for men and women localising the whole production process in Italy, through in-house assembling departments made of 12 operators and with the support of 10 external labs (contractors) operating on our territory (Abruzzo and Marche regions). Our company boasts in total a production capacity of eight million of working minutes every year, which allows for the production of about 60.000 pieces yearly.

Making of models and prototypes

This service includes creation of models, prototypes, and samples, as well as fitting sessions, managing of different bases and technical data sheets and a final quality control stage.

The department dedicated to this activity consists of: a collection coordinator, a stylist/model maker, two model maker technicians, one person in charge of the leather cutting and three people responsible for the prototype making.

Thanks to combining traditional techniques that have been established in the field for decades, and constantly updated CAD systems which attract significant investment opportunities, we are able to reach unmatched levels of excellence.

Oltredonna Italian partner in the production of women's handbags
Oltredonna Italian partner in the production of women's handbags


Oltredonna has succeeded in grabbing a market niche and establishing its position in the manufacturing world, thanks to its highly specialized skills that make it stand out from the competition. These skills are implemented in every service offered, from the production of models and prototypes to the series production.

Human resources are an essential element to our success: we are a small company where every single person is appreciated and highly valued for their specific skills, encouraging them to always do their best. We are like a big family where everyone can make a difference, bringing to the table their past experiences and their knowledge. This allows us to face any challenge that the great fashion brands impose on us in the best way possible.

However, emphasising our human resources is not the only element contributing to our success: our business is, in fact, revolves around the customer, and thrives to always provide the best quality of our products together with punctuality in the delivery times of the service.

For us, the customers are the part of the company, as the main interlocutor with whom we constantly engage to better understand their expectations and needs.


Confidentiality and ethics

We understand and recognize how incredibly valuable creativity is. For this reason, all our customers the utmost confidentiality and reliability on the projects we carry out for them.

We act ethically and responsibly, regarding any relationship with all business partners that collaborate with us as well as environmental resources and the world we live in.